Green Brook Flood Control Project

The flooding history of Bound Brook and areas surrounding the Raritan River and Green Brook basins ultimately led to the proposal of a project that would mitigate future floods within the flood plain. The Green Brook Flood Control Project was proposed in response to the number of floods in the early 1970’s, primarily between the years of 1971 and 1973. The floods during this time resulted in two of the top ten highest recorded crests:

  • 8/28/1971: Crest of 37.47 ft.
  • 12/21/1973: Crest of 31.73 ft.

Due to a lack of funding the project was not definite for many years after its first proposal, during which time many more flood events occurred, resulting in even more damage to the surrounding areas, especially the borough of Bound Brook. After Hurricane Floyd struck the area in 1999, resulting in the boroughs record high crest of approximately 42 ft.,  the project was galvanized yet again. During the time after Hurricane Floyd, two levees were constructed along the Eastern and Western borders of Bound Brook, but more damage occurred in the borough during the flood recorded on 4/16/2007, which resulted in the second highest recorded crest of 38.30 ft. Once again galvanized after the flood in April of 2007, the Green Brook Flood Control Project moved on to constructing the remaining aspects of the flood control system: levee SEG R-2 and several closure gates in the downtown area along the Raritan River.

Green Brook Sub Basin Flood Control Project - Specs

As of March 2011, nearly 90% of the flood control project in Bound Brook has been completed: the SEG  R-2 levee has been constructed and two closure gates are in construction with one projected to be completed within the next month and the other within the next year. There are also several other projects which are being constructed and have already been finished as join projects with the Green Brook Flood Control Project:

The ultimate goal of the Green Brook Flood Control Project was to provide the borough of Bound Brook with protection against a 150 year flood. Within the next year or so, Bound Brook’s long history of and never ending flooding issues may very well finally be just that: history.
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